The mission of Central Washington Soccer Academy is to create a learning environment for soccer in the community that players and families are proud to be associated with. CWSA provides the highest level of training, competition, and player development in

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Central Washington Sounders

Tryouts and Team Placement Procedures


Please arrive early to check in for your tryout.  Please plan to attend all tryout sessions.  If you are unable to attend all sessions, please let someone at CWS know.

Parents are not allowed on the sidelines during tryouts.  You may remain at the park, but we ask that you stay away from the fields and do not interact with your child or the coaches during tryouts.

The coaches and DOC will make team and player determinations the weekend after the tryouts.  Each player will receive a unique number during tryouts.  The player’s numbers accepted onto CWS teams will be posted on the web site.  Each player accepted will also receive an email containing a link to register for their CWS team.

Once the results are posted, you will receive an email and you will have three days to reserve your spot on the team.  CWS registration fees for the 2017/2018 season can be found here.  

There are also other fees that apply throughout the year - click here for details.  These fees will be collected by your team treasurer.

Shortly after your team has formed, you will be contacted by your coach or team manager to meet and discuss team business.  At this meeting you will determine who will be the team manager and treasurer.  You will discuss what summer tournaments your team will participate in, determine practice times, and other relevant information related to your team. 

Thank you for your interest in playing for CW Sounders!


*NEW for 2017/2018 season*

Tryout process for boys/girls U11 and under:

This year at tryouts we will be introducing a couple of changes to the process and team formations for certain age groups and gender.  First we will be creating a player pool out of tryouts for our U11 and under groups boys and girls. This will give us a better chance to make sure we get to evaluate the players longer to place them in the correct development pathway.  This will be an ongoing evaluation thru June.  At the end of June we will place kids on to teams based on multiple coaches evaluations.  This will ensure a player has a better overall experience and level of success.  This will be a starting point.  Constant assessments at these younger ages is critical for their long term success.  If a coach feels a player should move up or down based on the players development, we will move the player accordingly.  We treat every player as an individual not a number.  Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint and every player develops at a different pace.

Tryout process for high school girls teams:

This year we will be moving to more of an Academy style approach. What does this mean? We will be selecting teams from a two year window.  We have our trap year U15 age group that has some 8th and some 9th graders then jump to U17 and U19 age groups.  We are creating this for multiple reasons.  The biggest reason however is player pathways past club. We want to ensure that every player that wants to play can play at the proper competitive level.  Those players interested in college no matter what the team should always be looking for ID camps of schools they are interested in along with colleges we will bring over locally.  

Thanks for continuing to grow with us and appreciate your commitment to the players and the process.