The mission of Central Washington Soccer Academy is to create a learning environment for soccer in the community that players and families are proud to be associated with. CWSA provides the highest level of training, competition, and player development in

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 CWS Junior Academy 

Ages 5 - 7

Our CWS Junior Academy is designed to develop players at their pace by giving them all the tools to be successful.  It is a technical program to develop confidence on the ball and an aggressive purposeful level of play which will create more fun and passion for the game.

We will have 3 jamborees against Wenatchee and Tri-Cities.  We will host 1 and travel to each location. This will consume 1 Saturday a month.

Training will be in small groups and a high touch environment. Small groups provide players with high player to coach ratio for an optimal learning experience.

Each session will consist of half hour technical instruction followed by 30 minute soccer games. Each game is played with the intention to translate the new skills learned in that day’s session into real game time situations.

CWS Junior Academy - sample session calendar
#1: Basic running skills and intro to dribbling
#2: Basic receiving and passing 
#3: shape, receiving and passing with motion and space
#4: 1v1 having fun (making a move) 
#5: 2v2 this is for you (give and go)
#6: 3v3 working as a team

​We have a Summer and Winter training.  Summer training is from June -> August.  Winter training is from November -> February.  




Advanced Training Program (ATP), Ages 5 - 10

The CWS Junior Academy Advanced Training Program is a supplemental, progressive instructional program. As our club continues to grow, it is important for our up and coming players to be exposed 
to a developmental program that is both progressive (each player will be challenged to reach new levels) and ability based (tiers will be created not based on age group, but ability, thereby ensuring that each player is challenged appropriately). 

The program be created, administered and executed by our own CWS staff, which will allow us to track each player’s development and to create a very club-specific curriculum that is flexible enough to alter based on the demands of our players. 

The CWS Junior Academy Advanced Training Program will have BALL MASTERY as its primary focus. However, our philosophy on player development maintains that, as players get to be more advanced in age and ability, it is prudent to address other areas of a player’s developmental regimen. 

The ATP will address the following areas of development, in addition on to ball mastery, small-sided tactical situations, creating and finishing scoring opportunities, principles of attacking and defending in small group situations, directional play, small-sided -conditioned games, and of course...FUN!